Monday, May 31, 2010




My moisturize is broken by me today. Is feel heartburn because this thing costed me RM60++. It just brought from Guardian last week~ Plus, I think that I only applied it not more than 10 times.

Ish~~ ><

So wasted... $$$

Sunday, May 30, 2010









哈哈~ XD

卖相还okay吧? 可以出来开档了~


Saturday, May 29, 2010

young power ♥

i love helo kity bu i like my young power LOL

I found these photos in Ah Ru's phone. Those photos were captured during our outing. I think we still were form 3 or form 4 during that time. We love sing K, we love SS, we love 大头贴, we love shopping, we love 38 style and we love study (konon-konon). Haha~~

原来, 我也曾年轻疯狂过~~ LOL!










Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Wesak Day

Now is about 2.30am and i haven't go to bed yet. XD
It was because of the excitement after going to the Wesak procession.

This year is my 3rd year to join this activity. I was enjoy with it although need to walk a long long distance ( i think it is about 5km). We start the procession around 7pm and ended it on 11pm... Therefore~~~ my legs are going to broke now... ><

After the procession, everyone are hungry and tired. Then? Let's went to the yam cha section at mamak stall and chit chat a lot at there... Plus, gossip-ING a lot. Who don't like gossip? Haha~~

Ying ting and me.
Kok zhun.
Mr.Pang and me.
Yumiko + I = sista
Nice? At red house area.

Say cheese~~
Yam cha section. Shy yuh and me drank 2 cups of drinks because of the thirsty.

Well, such a wonderful night with you guys and girls. ^_^
Happy Wesak Day.

ps: now, the worst things is my hair is still dump and not dry yet. =(

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Some things happen for a reason.

There is no point in dwelling on the miseries and hardships life has got to offer.

True, life likes to give us a sucker punch when we least expect it. One punch and we fall; how weak we are! Someone once said, ' when we don't succeed, try, try again.' I used to hate the guy who said it but, now I think back about it, I realise how true it is.

It takes enormous courage to pick yourself up from where you have fallen and get back on track once again. Not everyone has the ability to do that; yet pure determination is an element which successful people have no shortage of. And confidence. And patience.

So what if it hurts me? So what if I break down? So what if this world just throws me off the edge, my feet run out of ground. I gotta find my place, I wanna hear my sound; don't care about the pain in front of me, cause
I just wanna be happy.

They say we sometimes stumble on our way. They say trials in your life will not always last. They say God must have a better plan for you if you just stop being short sighted and open your eyes, wide.

As I said, some things happen for a reason.

I believe.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


"Mama, happy mother's day!! "

You're the one in my heart.

Please forgive me, because of my recently emotional mood.

I'm a bad girl?

Mama, although I'm a 18 girl, I still like a little girl.

I like crying in front of you.

I like your hugs.

I like your kisses.

I like the way you comfort me.

I don't want become independent, because I want you care me forever.

I like you sayang me.

I like everything that you given to me.

You have been work very very hard for our sake and I understand the hardship.

You hope you can provide us the best education.

I realise that I cant lost you.

I will study hard.

I will provide a comfortable life to you at the future.

I swear I will bring you visit many countries.

I want you join the ceremony during my university graduation.

I promise I will protect you and would not let others hurt you anymore.

You're the Super Woman, my mama.

I love you.

Thank you.

不让妳甩开我~ Y(^0^)Y

mama, sista and me. ^^ this is us first time playing webcam.

mama and I~ =) I hope mama can healthy and pretty always.

I wish every year I also can celebrate my birthday with you!

ps: actually, i prefer calling you mummy than mama.. hehe~ XDD

rushing =="

Everything seem cant finish at last minute. Rushing for standby all the things.

I haven't prepare the copies of my SPM result slip, IC and so on... I haven't buy my new school uniform, school bag, school shoes, sock... It's totally BAD!! The worst thing is I have not prepared my mind. Am I still in holidays mood? Anyone can motivated me? My brain just like rusted in the long holiday period!! *jia lat~ ><

The day after tomorrow, my life will just like press in the restart button. I have to face up a strange environment, make new friends, new classmates... ... and learn a lot of knowledges~ Treasure the one and half years of my f6 campus life. *smile ^^

It still left about 33 hours... *count down~

I will enter Bio-class in f6... I'm a Homo-Sapien~ XD Haha!!

jia you!! LOL

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

play hard

Well, I'm back. These days are busy on outing with friends. Play hard before enter we campus again.

Treasure your friends, once they're lost, you will become EMO.

Part 1:

On 1st May, I was go JB to meet my old friends by taking bus. One more thing need to complain is the BAD attitude of the bus driver. He drop me at Tampoi just because of he was reluctant stop at Tun Aminah bus stop. This place was far from my density!! As a result, I have no choice and I start to walk alone with my luggage to Tun Aminah. The distance was so far, I walked within 20 minutes only reach my density. My feeling is scare+ sad+ hot+ angry+ mad!!! @#$%^#$%^& *^%
Do you know, a girl walk alone at JB is very very dangerous?! Haiz, just forget the matter~~ Stupid India bus driver!! =_______=

Friends bought me go a lot of places that flashed back my memories. Oh ya, I reminded myself that I'm still a JB resident before. ^^ We went Sutera Mall, Sing K, Steamboat, Mc Donald, Plaza Tasek and Pub (think only la) XDD

Await our next gathering.
Really thanks the friendship a lot. Muack~~
My dear, my darling, my sweetie, my honey, my ....

At Sutera Mall.

At K Box sing k, I danm like this photo. ^^

With Wan Ee.

Ah min and I. =)

Having steamboat and we like it so much!! ^^

after eating... all people were full and feel like wanna vomit. Haha!!

Part 2:

On 2nd May, I back back Malacca from JB after my breakfast with Jin ni, Li ting and Wee pheng.

They sent me off. Tata darling~~ T____T

Around 4pm, I arrived Sentral, Malacca. Mummy was fetch me home. Then, I rest a while and prepared to next outing at MP. Thanks Fook Keong a lot (the driver of the day). Haha!!

We had a early celebration of Si Hui's brithday at there. We went to Sibaraku for Japan meal and Nando's chicken chop.

Ichiban! ^^

Japanese style. =)

At Nando's having HOT peri-peri chicken chop. XDD

Siew chun and me. =D

Ohh my god, I haven't prepare any things for school reopen. I even haven't buy the school uniform. What should I prepared for F6? I still left about 5 days more. *sweat* =______=

PS1: If want to see more photos, view at my FB. =)
PS2: Wish Si hui again "happy birthday ya"~ ^^