Saturday, July 14, 2012

Big Offer

Finally, the long wait is past. 

I was offered by University Technology of Malaysia ( UTM ) at Johor Bahru and the course I get is Biology Industry. Is felt fortunate that I can grab the "entrance ticket" of research university. Thank God. Really satisfied with this outcome. :)

I found there are none of my former classmates get the same university with me. Means I have to adapt myself and survive alone at a strange environment! That's sounds challenge! ><  Bless me. Yes, time to learn become more independent and stronger!

Another sad case : I will separate with my sista far far away soon.  My sista Jia Jia, she was offered by USM at Penang. She's going to the north while I'm going to south - the opposite. :(
Her course is mass com, so I hope she will happy with it.

Appreciate what is remain now, look forward more at the future. You'll deserve it.