Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We screamed our heart out. When we saw YOU.

Today, a form 4 boy past by the corridor outside my classroom during our free period.

My classmates, especially the girls were screamed loudly. "you shuai ge!!" Suddenly, the situation turned noisy and uproarious. The girls' emotion were uncontrollable and become talkactive. He really attracted our eye ball. Haha. We were busy to discuss about the handsome boy.

LOL. We always like that. Girl talk. Girl gossip.

" His eye very big le! "
" He very handsome le! Which class he from? "
" What is his name ar? "

However, I could read my male classmates face expression. They were dump, with a lame look watching at us. Firstly they were silent and start to criticize our topic.

" cheh, he really so handsome meh? konon la."
" eh leh, like never seen shuai ge before~ sot plug~"

With their tone, I can know that they are ___________. Haha.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

1.46am's soul mate

Last night before I asleep, a strong feeling crushed over me. So, I decided to express my feeling, my sense by words at here.

I just realize,

You reminded me a lot.

You helped me a lot.

You supported me a lot.

You are someone who will be the first appear in my mind when I was facing problems.

You are someone who always hear my annoyed nonsense.

You are my mentor who always provide me the best solution or idea.

You always the most patient person while I talked unstoppable.

It's great to have you. ^_____^

Thank you so much for growing with me. =)

I rated you as my soul mate. Do you mind it? Haha.

PS: you should know I am mention at you... bla bla bla~~~ XD

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Recently, Currently

It's only my third post of 2011. Aha. My blog seems stopped to produce any posts. XD


Here's are the reasons~~

my math, my little bear bear pendrive and my FERRERO ROCHER!

my homework.

my super, ultra messy study table. =p

That's my life, packed with tonnes of works. However, I feel good. I think, I shall love this kind of busy life. JIA YOU!!


[Positive]-The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.