Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Chap Goh Mei

i need to repeat the words again. " Time flies"~

Today is the last day of February, also last day of CNY. So, happy Chap Goh Mei to everyone! Plus, the people say today is the lunar valentine too. ^^ Do you in a relationship or single? Never mind, i am wishing you happy valentine too!

Today's moon. Is it bright and big? but i don't think so.. XD

Suddenly, a song is pops out of my mind~ XD

月亮惹的祸~ XP

ps: i know i still have many jobs are waiting me to finish it. However i still bla-ing at here~ omg... @@

Friday, February 26, 2010

STPM... the future?

The STPM result was announced yesterday. STPM result just over, SPM result is coming soon. Suddenly, many things pops out of my mind. It making me headache.>< Inside my brain it's all about my further study. *sigh~*

Today, the head title of newspaper is about STPM too.

In 2009, there were 52,348 SPTM candidates sat on the exam. However, there are only 331 candidates scored full flat which is 4. It shows that the FLAT is so hard to obtain!! All in all, there is no denying that the standard of STPM is damn HIGH!!

See, the brother was blind. But, he did excellent~ A good role model for us to learn.

Their flying colour results relight my hope to study in form 6. Although i know the hardship. But, form 6 still will be my last choice. Just because of I'm scared on STPM and MUET. =(

If I continue my high school life, Yok Bin is the one. I heard teachers there are good. More importantly, their discipline teacher is Cik Ang~ omg~~ =P Besides, Yok Bin is just opposite of my former school, Seri Kota. XD

Yok Bin's result also marvellous!!

STPM... the future of mine?

ps: congratulation to 2 "Ang" "Ang"!! one is ex-student of SK, now is YB student, Ang Zie Sen and another one is SK student Ang Siew Pin. Plus, Zie Sen is one of the top student of STPM 2009 of Malacca state. Don't know what is inside their brain?! so intelligent!! haha~ XP

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


love Penny's talent love Penny's long hair

do you?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the wait is passed

Today, such an annoyed day. My mood is blue. I keep on complaint there and complaint here. However, a good new cheer me up. Haha~ XD That is...

I can learn driving already!!

It let me wait and wait, wait until my neck is become long! Because most of my friends also got P license~ haha.. XP

After this, my mood changed. Become "pretty mood"... Woohoo~ =D I still like a child, hehe..

Nothing to do. Then, i SS-ing~ XD



Yesterday i went Jusco with my family again. It was i third times went there and i felt a bit bored. Haha!!

Plus, we saw this scene. Where is explode?!

I tried Okonominyaki.. ^^Y Japanese pan cake.

ps: today i learned 生气不如争气... =) It meaningful. I like.

Monday, February 22, 2010

for us, especially you

We had a gathering at AEON Jusco Melacca City yesterday. Such a memorable gathering, because we also having a farewell with Shy Yuh. She is going to Taiwan for her further studies. It quite complicated, right?

I am lazy to explain too much... XP Let those photos do the rest.

Shy yuh, May, Li ting and me.

the main character, Shy Yuh. =)

again, here we are. Li ting said she look cacat in this photo. Got meh? Haha!!

May and Shy Yuh. ^^

she is pretty, right?

Chiew liang is shy than SHY YUH!! haha. XP

two noob camera boys. Chiew liang and Kok zhun. Hehe~ XD

Li ting and i. SS-ing. ==

cool spec!! We love it!!

Promoting Sushi King. =p

finally, i brought this as my shopping result. and i not a material girl!! ><

ps: Shy Yuh, you must take care. jia you, jia you!! We await you back Malaysia. Miss you!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shy Yuh, my friend

My friend, Shy Yuh is leaving Malaysia to Taiwan for her further study, I think within 16 hours.To say that I am sad over her leaving is a total understatement.
She is leaving her home town to achieve her big dream in Taiwan to pursue her studies and I am sure she will come back Malaysia to be an excellent person.

Let's recall my memories... i might forgotten some of it but i never forget those sweet memories we had together since 2008. She is Shy Yuh, sometimes she is shy, however sometimes she is stronger than me.

the cheerful girl, Shy Yuh...
QEC link us... we are friends, tuition classmates, sista... XD

We share every moment together, no matter is sad or joy. We are "talkacvtive", no doubt!! We shared our stories, we love gossiping and chit chat... Who don't like gossip? You? Haha!! == Shy Yuh always a big sister, teach us many things. She is a good counselor too. She can understand people well enough. Right?

do Shy Yuh remember this? hehe.. XD

Well, hope we can keep in touch. MSN, FB, phone, email, gathering... The connection still will be there.

peace... ^^

I guess the point is, no matter where in the world your friends, or loved ones are they're only a phone call or email away and even though it's not quite the same - the bond you share can't easily be broken. The key is making a point of keeping in touch.

Align Center
Shy yuh, May, Li ting and me...

May this friendship is strong and won't be disrupted by a 9999 km.

Miss you!!

前途似锦 =)
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

the real old taste, old town -ipoh

i was back from ipoh just now...
totally tired...

let the photos do the rest~
enjoy!! ^^

the super famous white coffee in ipoh~ ^^
roast toast~
cold white coffee Vs hot white coffee~ PK-ing!!
fish balls and the meat balls... i prefer meat ball, hehe... XD
we have to "Q", if you want to eat here~ the most famous shop in ipoh!! so many stars eat at here before... eg: Raymond Lam!! Jackie Chan!! Lee Home!!
special "he fen"~ exclusive in ipoh only!!
smoothly chicken!!
yummy tauge...
tauge and chicken!! yea~ must try it, when you visit ipoh!!
the fluffy kaya puffs~
the ipoh old town~
the door~ old feeling~
old street Vs blue sky... which is winner? XD
old town~ old taste~ fancy?
the lamp outside the unisex saloon...
ipoh famous "salt herb chicken"...
me^^... ss-ing at the old street...

ps: -yea~ tomorrow want hang out!! and i miss my bed so much~ >< good night!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

jom~ balik kampung

i will leave here tomorrow...
i'm back my second home town-- Ipoh...
who want help me to take care my farm in fb?? XP

when i say ipoh...
what is in your mind?

white coffee?
dim sum?
"tau ke" chicken?
or leng lui? hehe XD

today, such a tired day...
busy about cleaning my house...
and pack my luggage...

it bully me again...
it is the washing machine lo... ><
because it cant rinse the clothes properly...
it make me felt so helpless...
hu~~ TT
where my kakak Mariah?? haha~
however my mum told me that the washing machine is older than me...
omg~~ XD

tomorrow will be a long long journey to ipoh...
it will spend about 6++ hours...
wish me have a sweet nap... =)

i stop here...
wish the all people i love and all the people that love me...
happy chinese new year...

jom~ balik kampung~~

here's the big bully... the old old "ah pak"~ bla bla bla... XD

just a simple luggage... mine..

i want bring my cuddle pillow along~~ =)

i cant live without them~ sun block, moisturize, OXY 10, toner... must bring them along too~

ps: just now my house area had electricity blackout for about 10 minutes... haiz... this cases always happen... 2020? i was disappointed... =(